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R&D centers, subsidiary, JV and sub-contracted manufacturing facilities throughout Asia

Trusted Footwear Partner

With almost 30 years of experience in the footwear industry, we have the resources, the people,
and the in-depth knowledge to provide multiple solutions to your needs.

Unique combination of capabilities

Shinewide started as a footwear trading company in 1994.  Thanks to its remarkable capacity in R&D and sourcing, it became one of the largest footwear trading companies in China before opening its own solar powered factory in 2005. Today, Shinewide has 4 additional Joint Venture factories and works with 5 subcontracted factories in Cambodia, China, India and Vietnam.

Years of experience in the industry and the unique combination of capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, and sourcing set us apart.


years in the footwear business


Subsidiary factory


Joint Venture factories


Sub-contracted factories

Rigorous R&D Process

From conception to production, we have taken this journey thousands of times.
Our processes ensure that it’s a success every time.


Expertise in a Variety of Footwear

In Shinewide’s subsidiary and 4 JV factories, we produce a variety of footwear: outdoor, sneakers, lifestyle, sustainable, safety, cycling and tactical.

Sustainability is a focus in our subsidiary and JV factories. We are committed to become carbon neutral in our subsidiary factory by 2025.

Gore-Tex Certified

We are certified to work with various Gore-Tex technologies including Invisible Fit & Surround.

Advanced Lab

We own one of the most advanced labs in the industry with comprehensive testing equipments.

Pioneer in Sustainable Material

We work with a large number of sustainable material suppliers and are a pioneer in many advanced material.

Complete Sourcing Coverage

With 1 subsidiary, 4 JV and 5 subcontracted factories in Asia, we have the right factory to fit your needs. 
Uncompromising supplier evaluation and quality control in place for your peace of mind.




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